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 Alice Duong :)

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Alice Duong :) Empty
PostSubject: Alice Duong :)   Alice Duong :) Icon_minitimeFri 09 Jan 2009, 1:45 am

Just wanna make my introduction short Very Happy

* Name: Nguyen Dinh Hong Duong
...very long and hard to read rite? So just call me Alice!Much easier!

* Class: 4/6 (2008-2009)

* Birthday: 03/12/1991 -> I seem to be the oldest member in our Interact club rite? haha This year,I will be 18! Cool

* Hobbies: Shopping Very Happy,sitting at a cafe, cooking n cleaning,decorating my own room (that's a bit weird,honestly,the food that is cooked by me will not be so good haha), hanging out and...hugging ppl Laughing

Btw, I like DBSK too,since I was 15! Besides,I like songs of Avril Lavinge,Britney,Katy Perry,Bi Rain,F4,Jay Chou... also Very Happy last time,I like some Korean stars somemore...

*Anything to add in? Hmm...I NEVER REGRET joining TKGS Interact club,being an Interactors and knowing all of u Smile
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Alice Duong :)
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