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 Filzah (:

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Filzah :)

Filzah :)

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Filzah (: Empty
PostSubject: Filzah (:   Filzah (: Icon_minitimeTue 20 Jan 2009, 7:33 pm

Hello All!

Uh, Filzah here Very Happy

1e3'2oo8 and 2e3'2009, awe-some!

o8 April 1995, ITS ON SPORTS DAY THIS YEAR, *hinthint*

i hope my class wins cheerleading,

we got 2nd last year, sad D: hahah

uh, i like Twilight, the book series, but i think Robert Pattinson talked like a retard in Twilight The Movie D:

i <3 TeeKayGeeAsh!

ohh! i WAS from Basketball, but thn i quit, cos my mudder wanted me to -.- [and the coach was a perv]

but interact is awe-some!- ER Very Happy
okaye, thats all

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Filzah (:
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