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 Hello Campaign (1st/2nd August)

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Hello Campaign (1st/2nd August) Empty
PostSubject: Hello Campaign (1st/2nd August)   Hello Campaign (1st/2nd August) Icon_minitimeSat 25 Jul 2009, 1:58 am

Hello all Interactors,

Hello Campaign is back again! I’m pretty sure all of you enjoyed yourselves entirely the last time, so do sign up for the coming one. Details are shown below.

Date: 1st and/or 2nd August 2009

Time: 10:30am – 3pm AND/OR 3m – 7pm

Venue: Tampines One

Things to bring:

1. Water Bottle
2. Money
3. Handphone

If you choose to bring other electronic devices (e.g. Camera), please ensrue that you take care of them yourselves. The responsibility is entirely yours. It is recommended that you bring as little belongings as possible because you need to carry them with you.


1. A red top
2. Bottoms are to be knee length and below
3. Comfortable footwear ( no slippers)

For Interactors who are interested, please sign up at the Interact noticeboard by Monday, 27 July 2009. You are to fill in your particulars and indicate your timeslot on the paper provided at the board. Monday will be the last day to sign up, and late registrations will not be tolerated. Those who are currently having difficulties achieving 6 hours of CIP are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to sign up.

As for those who sign up, consent forms will be given to you afterschool on Tuesday. More details will be provided on the submission of consent forms later. If there are any other queries, please contact Shi Min (3/1). Alternatively, you can also contact any other Exco members.


Charlene (:

P.S. All the best to all Interactors for CAs next week. Don’t forget to take the time to relax and have fun as well.
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Hello Campaign (1st/2nd August)
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