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 mrsyunho to be (JOLENE)

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PostSubject: mrsyunho to be (JOLENE)   mrsyunho to be (JOLENE) Icon_minitimeThu 04 Dec 2008, 11:15 pm

HELLO I'M JOLENE ;D you better know me cause if you don't i'll whack you.
anyways, in 3e2 and 4e2 09'
so yea...
i loveeeeeeee kpop Very Happy and jpop and some other pops. but well. YUNHO THE MOST Very Happy hehehehe.
ah yeaaaaaaaaaaa.
please, know who i am. i'm ur admin ;D joy's ur admin too. WOO HOO. such a cool name. ADMIN HEHEHEHEH Very Happy
thank me. i made this forum *PROUD OF MYSELF*
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mrsyunho to be (JOLENE)
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